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In these tempestuous times things are escalating rapidly as we witness the fall of the old empire. It is now more than ever becoming increasing evident that our banks and our institutions are corrupt and as such, united in the peoples coalition, we have the power by numbers to agree by vote to immediately seize and freeze the assets of the known criminal elite bankers and their minions.

The internet is awash with evidence of fraud and racketeering by the elitist banking empire who are responsible for the destruction of sovereign nations through falsified debt, market manipulation, price fixing, all manner of criminal activities.

They can only get away with this because we let them, apathy is the new norm for the peoples, however now our very lives are at stake as the bankers push for their new world order and to remain in apathy and in silence will bring about the demise of our peoples. So we must now take a stand and take the law into our hands and take action to create the solution and through raising awareness and joining the trust, we can then debate and take action to provide the solution.

We need the backing of the peoples and the legal frame work to serve notice on the bankers and like Iceland have done, we need to unite as one and seize the assets of these criminals.

Please notify the group if this is you, we need all the help we can muster.

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