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Al Gore; the lies that lead to taxation


In December 1997, then U. S. Vice-President Al Gore participated in a meeting in Kyoto, Japan during which he signed a treaty to ration world energy production based upon fear of human-caused global warming. This treaty was not, however, presented to the United States Senate for ratification.

Since before that Kyoto meeting and continuing to the present day, Mr. Gore and his supporters at the United Nations and elsewhere have claimed that the “science is settled” – that an overwhelming “consensus” of scientists agrees with the hypothesis of human-caused global warming, with only a handful of sceptical scientists in disagreement.

Moreover, for more than 10 years these proponents of world energy rationing have consistently argued that, in view of this claimed scientific “consensus,” no further discussion of the science involved in this issue is warranted before legislative action is taken to heavily tax, regulate, and ration hydrocarbon energy.

Since, however, these claims were not successful in convincing the United States government to initiate energy rationing, the United Nations has held a series of international meetings attended by a central group of about 600 “SELECT SCIENTISTS”, some additional scientists outside of this group, and a large number of “HAND PICKED” political and bureaucratic representatives whom are supportive and in collusion with the Climate Change hoax – approximately 2,000 in all. The United Nations, a select committee of “non-elected” imposters/criminals has also hosted larger meetings, including many non-scientist participants from environmental, business, and political organizations.

During and after each of these meetings, there have been further publicity campaigns claiming that the “science is settled” – that the “consensus” of “SELECT SCIENTISITS” in favour of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming is so overwhelming that further examination of the science is unnecessary.

Overwhelming evidence supports that climate change is a hoax, indeed in the US alone, 31,487 American scientists have signed a petition, including 9,029 with PhDs in agreement to peer reviewed scientific research summarising that CO2 is having no impact on climate change and in fact increased CO2 actually provides environmental benefits to plants and fauna.

Realizing, from discussions with their scientific colleagues, that this claimed “consensus” does not exist, a group of scientists initiated a Petition Project in early 1998. Thousands of signatures were gathered in a campaign during 1998-1999. Between 1999 and 2007, the list of petition signatories grew gradually, without a special campaign. Between October 2007 and March 2008, a new campaign for signatures was initiated. The majority of the current listed signatories signed or re-signed the petition after October 2007. The original review article that accompanied the petition effort in 1998-1999 was replaced in October 2007 with a new review incorporating the research literature up to that date.

The renewed petition campaign in 2007 was prompted by an escalation of the claims of “consensus,” release of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by Mr. Al Gore, and related events. Mr. Gore’s movie, asserting a “consensus” and “settled science” in agreement about human-caused global warming, conveyed the claims about human-caused global warming to ordinary movie goers and to public school children, to whom the film was widely distributed. Unfortunately, Mr. Gore’s movie contains many very serious incorrect claims, which no informed, honest scientist could endorse.

The campaign to severely ration hydrocarbon energy technology has now been markedly expanded. In the course of this campaign, many scientifically invalid claims about impending climate emergencies are being made. Simultaneously, proposed political actions to severely reduce hydrocarbon use now threaten the prosperity of Americans and the very existence of hundreds of millions of people in poorer countries.

As Professor Seitz states, in his Petition Project letter which speaks of this impending threat to all humanity, “It is especially important for America to hear from its citizens who have the training necessary to evaluate the relevant data and offer sound advice.”



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