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2013 saw the loss of over 7,000 lives in the United Kingdom when sustained freezing temperatures created havoc across the country, meteorologist blamed climate change as the cause for the prolonged Arctic weather which remained fixed over the entire country for days.

Historically there has been wide spread extreme weather events, flash flooding has affected most nations in Europe over the past decade, however the intensity has been increasing in recent years with businesses being destroyed, residential areas being devastated and people losing their lives across Europe, you only have to look back at weather events last year (2014) to see evidence of extreme weather being engineered. Our weather is not natural anymore, it has not been since the 1970’s!

Climate Change is a hoax, Geoengineering is not being used to help maintain a healthy earth, in fact it has recently been stated that the earth has only seen a small increase in global temperatures since the 1800’s.

The Climate Change fiasco is a monumental deception designed to bankrupt nations through false science and propaganda, Geoengineering is in fact a tag word for Global Weather Warfare, the vehicle being used as a weapon of mass destruction on the population of this planet to force a one world government.

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