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Throughout human history, people have organized social movements to try to improve their lives and the society in which they lived. Powerful elite groups and institutions have generally resisted these efforts using propaganda, fear and force in order to maintain their own power and privilege, although there are always people from privileged backgrounds who join forces with the oppressed.

People often endure a great deal of suffering and humiliation before they resist and rebel. Do you think that your situation is inevitable and thus not worth trying to change? Do you fear reprisal for any hint of resistance ? Do you lack the knowledge to understand what changes are possible or lack the skills to identify and challenge those who have power over you?

The “time is ripe” for movements to emerge, to grow, and unite to bring about change.

“It isn’t the rebels who cause the troubles of the world; it’s the troubles that cause the rebels.” and our Icelandic neighbours have succeeded in turning their nation around.

Peoples Coalition against corruption and corporate tyranny is about mobilizing people for action, ultimately, movements are about real people making choices about how to help restore our global communities and end the corruption that is crippling our nations and the illegal global weather warfare killing our innocent brothers, sisters and children around the world. [Genocide for resources/elite corporations]

“Men and women make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past”. We stand on the shoulders of earlier generations of reformers, radicals, and idealists who challenged the status quo of their day. They helped change policy by organizing movements, pushing for radical reforms, popularizing progressive ideas, and spurring others to action.

The peoples of the world need to unite the nations and force the will of the people, by giving each other the knowledge the support and understanding uniting in common cause. Our nations endure exceptional hardship and our lives are going to be affected more as our corrupt government divides us still further using fabricated “false flag” events, mainstream media miss information, lies and propaganda to promote fear and anguish to the masses whilst they take away our freedoms in the guise of keeping us safe and secure.

The controlling elite are small in numbers and they hide behind false Draconian laws that only serve the elitist and their corrupt government officials, allowing genocide for profit through illegal wars and the manipulation of constitutional law.

Our advantage is we have the numbers but we are divided, isolated and as individuals we feel powerless to take action. We must unite together to support each other, to bring the power back to the people and United together in common cause is our power and our voice, to confront the establishments which have enslaved us with their corporate paymasters controlling every facet of our lives.

United we stand divided we fall, Now Is The Time our opportunity to unite, be heard and take action.

Towns and Cities need to organise local groups, we do not take to the streets we boycott all forms of tax payments, we abandon all consumer outlets and restore local community produce, we already have the infrastructures and know how, we just need rid of the corrupt elite ruling class.

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