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Following on from the successful launch of the Climate Changed website and our Project Chem-A-Lot Global Self-Build offensive, we are pleased to announce that almost every nation world-wide is involved and supporting our campaign.

Our campaign began in earnest in September 2015 and since this time, the climate changed team have been working hard to develop a world-wide network of devices.

Our global campaign is to both raise awareness to the threats of weather warfare and to offer a proven method of suppressing extreme weather events and neutralising persistent chem-trails.

During our campaign we have been inundated with emails from people wanting to get involved with Project Chem-A-Lot but are unable to self-build their own systems, in recognition to this we are proud to announce that we have developed a range of units offering a tried and tested design to maximise the effects of the system.

The Climate Changed Team are happy to announce the launch of our brand new website dedicated to providing the peoples with the solution to combating aerial spraying of our skies.

For further information on our Project Chem-A-Lot “DONATE & OWN OCTAGON ART” please visit our new website:

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