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faviconBy joining the Peoples Coalition you will be part of a growing organisation that seeks to stamp out global tyranny and corruption.

The site is designed to allow trustees to vote and support on important legal challenges. The click to support tool allows you to study the draft document (legal challenge) to then on agreement “click & support” and automatically your electronic signature will be added to the legal petition. The legal approach is the only approach in these challenging times we face and we need biblical numbers to “click & support” so we can legally bring the corrupt system down.

Donations Projects Planners (DPP)

In these challenging times we face, for the future there will be a number of serious environmental hazards which will need to be addressed, we the peoples coalition pledge to support community projects that benefit the community and the environment as a whole, making for a better world for all. DPP will be an “open accounts” Donations Project Planner, communities submit projects big or small and then the trustees vote for each Project Planner, the highest vote receives the funds to carry out the project.

Applications for DPP can be submitted by Trustee members only and all trustee members have the opportunity to vote on any event or topic, there will also be an “abstain” button, however each trustees involvement is crucial to our cause, people numbers = power……


We The United Peoples Coalition do solemnly swear to uphold just common law of the land and abide by the collective wishes of our peoples, to learn to honour and respect each other as global brethren, not through division and boarders but free sovereign peoples of the world in commerce for the common good of all. We pledge to always be in service to others and each show gratitude for each other, to begin building our bright new future for our children from the ashes of the tyranny that once was…..


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