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Fellow citizens of the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales and Ireland,

It is our moral and legal obligation to inform you that climate change is a hoax and our governments are corrupt and are active in global weather warfare using exotic weather weapons of mass destruction to force nations to except their one world government.

It is the law that if a citizen in knowing that their government is committing criminal acts, then there are specific laws with which we must follow.

The time for ignorance and complacency is over, we need to take action now to challenge the elite establishments, make arrests and seize their blood money assets.

We are paying taxes based on a lie and the criminals responsible are using stealth weapons technologies to force the world to except both their climate change propaganda and as a vehicle to force their one world government agenda.

Please follow the LINK BELOW  for further information, providing a basic legal document that we can all build upon, both to raise awareness to the threats we face and to take physical action using just laws to both protect and serve the peoples in these treacherous times.criminal courts of justice image

As a citizen of your homeland and that of the wider world, in knowing this information then you are legally bound by law to resist, high level criminals are fleecing the peoples of the world through lies, propaganda, proxy wars, domestic terrorism and illegal mind control to promote fear and division between the nations and its peoples.

We are the many and they are the few but we must act swiftly to legally challenge all the corrupt establishments and begin to make some high profile arrests of the criminals, we know who they are.

If you choose to ignore this information, then we only hope that there is enough of us brave souls whom are active in fighting for what is right, justice, peace, equality and abundance, we cannot be suppressed any more.

It is time to take a stand and make some arrests all we need is to come together…..




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