Mission Statement

We, The peoples of the United Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales stand together in rebellion to our corrupt global governance and we, the people in unification hereby give notice that we renounce our corrupt government officials, corporate entities and our artificial persons, we renounce all statute laws and treaties. We renounce all taxes and encumbrances, we nullify all artificially inflated global debts and reclaim our sovereignties, we renounce all currencies and nullify all falsified debts “no contract” for mortgages, loans, credit cards, we reject all global currency in favour of a peoples and a nations sovereign currency as legal tender.

We the United Peoples Coalition Against Corruption & tyranny herby give notice that we will honour, support and abide by Magna Carta ******* and we stand in just and common law above all others and that we stand united as brethren of the land under a system of Grand Juries of Peers and COMMON LAW.

It is we the people united that demand that our military, police and security services abide by the wishes of the people and unite together as brethren to fight for our lives, our freedoms and our futures.

We the people will not bow to tyranny and we the people will take a stand united come what may, for the future of our children, for nature and for our precious lands.

United we stand there is no other, we the people united are the power “click & support” on mass is our weapon and they will stand trial for their despicable crimes against the peoples of the world.

“death to the ego be thy lesson”

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