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Roman legal procedure, long evolving system used in the Roman courts, which in its later stages formed the basis for modern procedure in civil-law countries. There were three main, overlapping stages of development: the legis actiones, which dates from the 5th-century bce law code known as theTwelve Tables until the late 2nd century; the formulary system, from the 2nd century bce until the end of the Classical period (3rd century ce); and the cognitio extraordinaria, in operation during the post-Classical period. The procedure under the legis actiones was divided into several steps. First, the plaintiff approached the defendant in public and called for him to come to court. If he refused, he could be taken there by force. The trial itself was divided into two parts. The first was a prelimi...


AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH. TO: HMRC DMB 422 BX5 5AB   FROM: Enter details here     DATE OF NOTICE’S BEING SERVED: ***************   Sent by recorded post.   NOTICE.   Contents:        AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH. ____________ (evidence of non jurisdiction of the Queen) _____________    NOTICE OF MISPRISION OF TREASON.                             (David Cameron-Treason evidence)                                                  _____________   NOTICE OF CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE _____________   NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST HARASSMENT.   (including new fee schedule). _____________             NOTICE OF FEE SCHEDULE. _____________       CLAIM OF RIGHT.        Maxim in law: – “ No one is restrained from having several defences.”  TAKE NOTICE: This document is E...

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